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Conclusion of the comprehensive sexual education course for teachers in Damascus

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Conclusion of the comprehensive sexual education course for teachers in Damascus

"Sexuality is an important and necessary part of public health. Sex education is necessary and vital to good sexual health, and young people have the right to access the information and skills necessary to have sexual health."
For this purpose, the Syrian Family Planning Association, with the support of UNFPA-Syria, organized a course on the comprehensive sexual education curriculum for educational counselors, psychologists, and religious and science curriculum teachers from the Directorate of Education of Rural Damascus, which lasted for five days.
The curriculum offered a number of themes and topics that would empower and educate young people to enable them to exercise their human rights in general, especially those related to their reproductive and sexual lives, in order to guarantee gender equality and dignity and eliminate coercion, stigmatization and social discrimination.
The themes of this curriculum are divided into seven, aimed at improving the participants' knowledge and information about the comprehensive sex education curriculum and its components, developing their skills as educators in this curriculum, and raising their capacity to address the needs of youth, especially those most at risk.
At the end of the course participants received a certificate of participation distributed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Adel Jrab, and Dr. Hala Atfa, Chairman of the AIDS Prevention Committee, in the presence of Dr. Abdul Aziz Nahar and coach Brugge Omar and Ms. Diana Al-Qayyim Youth Project Coordinator